Loddon Valley Eggs
Premium Fresh Eggs Produced in Country Victoria

Here are some terms you might find in the average supermarket egg section to help you make an informed purchase:

A majority of eggs sold in Australia and internationally are laid using a caged hen system inside a shed/barn structure. This method assists in the protection of the hens from outside dangers such as predators and diseases, while also allowing for more automated and sophisticated egg collecting systems.

A barn system provides living space for the hens as they are free to roam around without cages while still being kept indoors. Hens still benefit from the protection from predators and poor weather and the transmission of external diseases and can perch, scratch and dust bath in the open shed/barn environment.

Free range hens are given the same standard of housing as with the barn systems as well as access to an outdoor space during the day. The hens return to the shed for food and water, as well as roosting and laying eggs. During the night or in times of poor weather the hens are also returned to the shed for protection. While this provides the most freedom for the hens it also further increases the risk of disease, injury or predator attacks.

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